This course is intended for the specialists/practitioner in OB & gynecology. This course is designed with lecture and hands-on intensive ultrasound training to build the complete ultrasound protocol to acquire and analyze images.

The small group setting fosters group interaction, gaining scanning skill and collaborative learning. After hours, the scan lab is open for your own independent practice to fine tune probe manipulation and machine controls by yourself under the guidance of a supervisor and patient/volunteer will be available for scanning.

Practicing clinicians and sonographers will be able to refresh their knowledge in gynecological areas such as the anatomy of uterus & their anomalies/pathology, endometrial disorders, adnexal masses, trans-vaginal imaging and obstetrics including problem-solving with obstetrical measurements, exposure to Doppler in Ob/Gyn, assessment of biophysical profile of the fetus, IUGR etc.

Course structure

Eligibility to enroll:Obstetric & gynaecological specialists/clinical practitioner/practicing sonologists
Duration:8 weeks
Session:January, May, September
Methods of instruction:Lecture, hands-on training
Lecture:1 day/week at BIHT
Hands-on practical:Supervised hands-on practical (1 day/week). Patient/volunteer will be available for individual student for scanning. Color Doppler machines are available for hands-on training for the students.
Next batch:Date